About Us

Who is ICL America Ltd.?


ICL AMERICA LIMITED has been involved in Conveyor Belting for many, many years. We have the experience in this industry that goes back a long time.


ICL AMERICA LIMITED sells all different kinds of Conveyor Belting. Over time, more and more types have been added and we have expanded our product range even further.


ICL AMERICA LIMITED sells IMPORTED Conveyor Belting Products that are made overseas by suppliers adhering to quality, reliability and providing the best value proposition. Our customers are the beneficiaries of our efforts.

In addition, Rubber Sheet, Skirtboard Rubber and Accessories for the Mining, Aggregates and Bulk Material Handling industry are available as part of the product offering.

We are a continuosly growing company and have enjoyed impressive growth over the last several years.

We service our clients with Honesty, Integrity and Utmost Sincerity. We are Always going the extra mile when needed.

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