Impact Bar

Impact Bar Details

Impact Bars come in standard lengths of 48” or 60”. Each length has a 3/8”
or 1/2” or 1” top cap of the low friction Polyethelene for longer life.
Custom dimension impact bars can be manufactured on special request.

General Properties

  • High energy absorption rubber core
  • Low friction polyethelene top surface
  • T-track fasteners for ease of installation
  • Reduces ware from impact on the system


Belting systems where impact is created from loading points. The super
energy absorption rubber core reduces the impact on the system, while the
polyethelene top layer allows the belt to slide along the top with reduced
friction. Installation is simple with T-track channel incorporated in the bottom
of the impact bar. This combination of high energy absorption and low friction
and simple installation greatly improves the life of the belting system.


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